Sunflower Seeds Oil Press

Sunflower Seeds Oil Press

Sunflower oil was brighter after a good-looking yellow or green yellow, its fragrant smell, taste pure. The composition of fatty acids in sunflower oil due to the impact of climatic conditions, cold regions produced 15% of oleic acid sunflower oil containing about 70% linoleic acid; warm regions containing sunflower oil production of about 65% oleic acid, linoleic acid 20 % or so.

Sunflower seed oil, digestibility of 96.5% of the human body, it is rich in linoleic acid, significantly lower cholesterol, prevent hardening of the arteries and the prevention of coronary heart disease effect. In addition, sunflower oil, the most physiologically active levels of a tocopherol higher than normal vegetable oil. And the content of linoleic acid and vitamin E content in a more balanced ratio, easy to absorb the human body. Therefore, the nutritional value of sunflower seed oil is high, an excellent edible oil beneficial to human health.

Advantages of our sunflower seeds oil press

1. Optimize gear drive, low noise and stable operation
2. Optimize press performance, high oil yield
3. Production of special equipment, simplified grinding-in
4. Mechanotronics, high degree of automation
5. Plan oil outlet, avoid oil return
6. International electrical brand, wear well

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