Large Scale Oil Press

General Description:

Big Oil Expeller is a screw press for continuous production, suitable for extraction of vegetable oil from soybean, peanut kernel, cotton seeds, coconut, colza seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, corn embryo, palm kernel etc.


1. The machine with multi-use, can be used to process both 1st press and Pre-press.

2. From material feeding, cooking to produced oil, cake, all of processes are continuous working, easy management andd labor saving.

3. The machine is composed of main axes, press screw, cage bar, gearing parts etc. All parts are made of alloy material with high quality and hardening treatment, which keep the machine wearable through long time of high tempurature and friction wear.

4. The machine equips with oil and dregs separating parts, separaing oil and dregs first time. (optional parts)

5. Broad Body design, preventing oil dregs from overflow.


Large Scale Oil Presses Large Scale Oil Press Pre-Press Oil Expeller Model ZY283-3

Model Catacity(T/D) Power(KW) Net weight(KG) Dimension(MM)
200A-3 8-10 18.5 4300 2850×1850×3270
YZL24 20 45 5000 2900×1850×3240
YZL28 40-60 50+11+4 9160 3740×1920×3843
YZL32 90-120 90+11+5.5 11000 4100×2270×3850

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