How about the Profit of Small Oil Press Project?

Supporting equipments of small oil press project

Generally speaking, supporting equipment of oil press include peanut sheller, hoist, pan, oil filter, etc, through the coordination between them, the transformation process of oil crops to edible oil is completed. Now, we will take the "squeezed peanut" as an example to explain the work flow of the whole production line in detail.

Funds and field for investing small oil press project

If you want to invest a small oil press project, our oil press plant is your best choice, which includes frying pan, oil press, and oil filter, the whole price is about 10000 yuan. In the neighborhood to find a 10-20 square metres of small facade, rent a month is 2500 yuan. There are many peanut production in the region, in order to make the small oil press to maximize the benefits, we take the "squeeze now sold" and "send material to press " two ways at the same time. Buy 400kg peanuts, assuming the price a pound of peanuts is 5 yuan, the cost of raw materials 2000 yuan. In the initial stage of processing, if you can’t determine how is the business going, in order to reduce the cost as much as possible, you can operate the oil press by yourself, which will save the cost of labor. At the same time, in order to give customers a clean and sanitary feeling, to enhance the level of small oil press, a simple decoration on the small oil press, spent 2000 yuan. Comprehensive calculation, open a small small oil press, the total investment is 10000+2500+2000+2000=16500 yuan, relatively speaking, the investment is still relatively small.

How about the profit cost of small oil press?

What is the profit of the small oil press? This is the most concern of the clients. And we use squeezed peanuts as an example to explain briefly.

business model of small oil press

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